Architectural Linear Lighting

Luminaires installed in robust in-ground channel for
installation in concrete, wood, ceramic or water
features such as swimming pools.

Professional Outdoor Lighting

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LLDS – Lauresse Lighting Design Systems is a private enterprise established in 2012, based in Malaysia, specializing in design and manufacture of lighting systems for :

  • paving lights, 
  • glowing stones, 
  • landscaping lighting elements,
  • underwater lighting
  • swimming pool lighting
  • interior & exterior lighting  
  • façade lighting systems.

At LLDS we demand the highest performance from everything we sell. Design, engineering, and manufacturing are critical to this performance and reliability.

We differentiate our-selves by our innovative and tailor made solutions. In addition to our standard range of products, we invested in a department that specializes in the development of custom-made fixtures for our customers.

Inquiry Form

  1. Address and name of the project.
  2. Estimated date of project implementation.
  3. Necessary technical characteristics of the equipment: color temperature, wattage/luminous flux, overall dimensions, secondary optics (if necessary), power supply units and controllers (if necessary).
  4. Your company details (we can only accept payments from legal entities).
  5. The role of your company in this project (designer, contractor, equipment supplier).
  6. Do you need assistance with equipment selection? Do you require sample submission?
  7. Do you need us to calculate a lighting design, arrange the luminaries on the layout? (design documentation is required for calculations)
  8. Do you need a visualization of the project or a presentation for the client?
  9. You can attach design documentation as files.
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  • 43300

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